Whatever you’re going through in life; whatever goals you’re trying to achieve – it helps to have partners and experts you can trust.

Founded as a commercial practice in the 1980s, Schnauer and Co has since grown to encompass nearly every area of the law. We walk alongside our clients throughout their lifetimes - even supporting multiple generations of families.

With a passion for problem solving, a flexible approach to working, and a consistent commitment to clients, we love what we do - and it shows.

Our name may be hard to say, but working with us is easy.

At Schnauer and Co, you’ll find an experienced team of specialist lawyers – but you’ll also find a team of people who passionately care about making the law simple for our clients.

Our goal is to find the most efficient way to solve problems – so we take a pragmatic, lateral thinking approach to achieving the outcome you’re looking for. Our adaptable team is always looking for ways to simplify things. That extends to how we communicate with our clients – with a focus on demystifying legal jargon and using plain English instead.

We’d love to knock down old stereotypes about lawyers being snobby or unapproachable – because at Schnauer and Co we know that’s not true. Our team are friendly, welcoming, and care about our clients first and foremost.

You see, when it comes down to it, we know that we exist because of our clients. When you share details of your personal and professional lives with us, that’s a privilege – and one that we take seriously. In everything we do, we bring empathy and a human touch. So whatever your needs, we’ll walk you through the process and make it simple.