Our Team

Meet our team of down-to-earth experts – specialists in what we do but real people first and foremost.

Nicolette Bodewes

A straight talking leader with huge passion for guiding people through the most emotional times in their lives.

Nick Kearney

An experienced legal expert with a Masters in Real Estate Law and a talent for communicating in plain English.

Jo-Anne Thomas

An experienced lawyer with plenty of litigation experience and a knack for tackling tricky problems.

Aroha Fletcher

Senior Lawyer
A passionate expert who brings extensive research and experience to every area of family law.

Lauren Davis

A driven big-picture thinker with a passion for social justice.

Lesley Harper

Registered Legal Executive (Fellow) and Conveyancing Practitioner
A conveyancing practitioner experienced in property law who loves building connections with clients.

Kesha Meredith

Registered Legal Executive (Fellow)
A friendly and empathetic legal executive with a background in trusts and a specialty for...

Ralph Davies

Law Clerk
A trusts and estates planning specialist who loves giving back to the community.