Civil Litigation

Partnering with you to find pragmatic solutions

Civil litigation can involve a dispute between individuals and companies.  At Schnauer and Co, we’re born problem solvers. We take a pragmatic, lateral thinking approach to achieve the outcome you’re looking for – but we’ll also be straight up when we think it’s not possible. 

In each case, we work through the problem in a constructive way and give advice to our clients in plain English. Our strong understanding and relationships also ensure that if we’re not able to provide the right answers, we’ll put you in touch with the people who can.

From individuals to organisations, we love supporting clients through the civil litigation process.

Civil Litigation

Creative problem solving backed up by years of experience

Meeting the Civil Litigation Team

Our specialist civil litigation practitioners have a vast amount of experience in litigation. We also absolutely love what we do – and what we do can vary! We have experience in a wide variety of disputes issues whether it is acting for the individual or an organisation... In everything we do, we get involved as early as possible in order to provide great holistic advice and support our clients to achieve the outcomes they want.

Our team includes:

  • Jo-Anne Thomas, Director Bio
  • Aroha Fletcher, Senior Lawyer Bio
  • Lauren Davis, Lawyer Bio

Civil Litigation Practitioners

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