Family Law

Combining empathy and legal expertise

Family law is perhaps the most emotional kind of law. Our clients come to us at incredibly stressful times, and share intimate details of their lives with us – trusting us to be there for them and provide solutions.

At Schnauer and Co, we see that trust as a real privilege. Our goal is to move the burden from you to us – giving you the space to share your concerns and worries, and helping you to navigate a clear path forward. 

Family law is never straightforward or simple – instead, it requires outside the square thinking, patience, and plenty of empathy. Our team is focused on finding the best solution for you, whether that’s settlement, litigation, or a combination of both. Whether you need support with relationship property, including contracting out agreements (also known as pre-nups) and separations, care of children and child support, adoption, or wills and enduring powers of attorney, we take a holistic approach to your needs. 

Family Law Section

Family Law

Meet our family law team
Securing the best outcomes for your family

Our specialist family law practitioners are real people with real empathy and significant experience with both settlements and litigation. Our commitment to clients is our first priority – we build strong connections with our clients and believe strongly in going the extra mile. One day that might mean being a supportive shoulder to cry on; another it could mean putting extra time into a case to ensure we’re well-prepared and get the best results possible. Whatever the day, we love what we do and put our whole hearts into it. Our team includes:

  • Nicolette Bodewes, Director Bio
  • Jo-Anne Thomas, Director Bio
  • Aroha Fletcher, Senior Lawyer Bio
  • Lauren Davis, Lawyer Bio

Family Law

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