Trusts, Asset Protection & Estate Planning

Protecting your estate in the right way for you

A trust isn’t right for everyone. They can be incredibly valuable, and do a great job of protecting assets – but they can also be costly and require significant ongoing admin and maintenance. 

That’s why, at Schnauer and Co, we ask the right questions to determine whether you actually need a trust, or what other protection could work for your assets. 

Whether creating wills for individuals, protecting assets through complex estate planning, protecting people’s assets and rights through enduring powers of attorney, restructuring assets, or creating trusts for multiple beneficiaries, we’re here to find the right solution for you and your unique situation.  

When you share details of your personal and professional lives with us, that’s a privilege that we don’t take lightly. In everything we do, we bring empathy and a human touch. So whatever your needs, we’ll walk you through the process and make it simple.


Meet our trusts, asset protection and estate planning team
Making planning your future simple

With over 30 years of experience in this space, our specialist trusts, asset protection, and estate planning team are trustees for over 250 trusts. We support hundreds of clients with their day-to-day compliance, reviewing trusts and ensuring that the legal duties of trustees are being met. Our years of experience, commitment to ongoing learning, and our strong relationships with other industry experts ensure we’re consistently at the top of our game – and are ready to be your trusted partner. Our team includes:

  • Jo-Anne Thomas, Director Bio
  • Natasha Williams, Senior Associate Bio