What is it like to work at SCO?

Maddie - Tēnā koe. I finished as a Law Clerk in the Family Law Team at Schnauer and Co Lawyers, at the beginning of 2022.  The Team at Schnauer and Co are extremely supportive of each other, and everyone is very approachable. The office is a consistently positive environment to be and there was never a day without laughter or fun.  I think one of the most amazing aspects of Schnauer and Co is the value they see in developing their junior staff and they invest a considerable amount of time and energy in doing this. I was lucky to be mentored by highly experienced legal professionals at the top of their game. I want to especially acknowledge Nicolette Bodewes, Jo-Anne Thomas and Aroha Fletcher for everything they have done for me.  I was able to assist on a number of files where I developed important practical legal skills, such as; working on complex legal analysis, drafting documents, communicating with clients and learning court procedure.  Schnauer and Co has helped shape me into the young legal professional I am today and allowed me to develop the skills to confidently embark on my legal career. I will be forever grateful for my experience with the Team and the lifelong friends and colleagues that I have made.

Ralph - I initially started working at Schnauer and Co in a legal support role in 2019. From there I was accepted into their internship program and, when a position became available, was promoted to a law clerk role in 2020 until I was admitted as a solicitor in 2021.  Throughout the experience I found Schnauer and Co always emphasised personal and professional growth with their employees. My managers consistently encouraged developing my skills and provided clear avenues for my professional advancement.  One particularly positive aspect of my work at SCO was their focus on the well-being of their employees. I was working part-time and studying for my 2019-2020 years at SCO. My managers regularly checked on my workload and mental health to ensure I was not solely prioritising my work load at the expense of my personal well-being.  Overall SCO’s work environment has been incredibly friendly and accommodating. The managers are legitimately interested in your personal life and commitments, while ensuring you maximise your professional potential through support and mentorship. Even with their busy work-schedule, the Directors always make themselves available to provide positive feedback on your work and recognise your accomplishments.

Lauren - Over the summer before my final year at university, I came to Schnauer and Co as a summer intern/clerk. My experience was one of constant learning and growth; not to mention a great way of renewing my motivation to power through the last part of my degree.  Schnauer and Co is a medium sized law firm which allowed me to have a very hands-on learning experience with support at each step of the way. Coming out of law school, it can seem daunting to start your first job at a law firm, but the team at Schnauer and Co were approachable and helped me through the learning curves that inevitably came my way.  I feel privileged to have had my introduction to the legal profession with Schnauer and Co and to have continued working here as a lawyer. I would whole-heartedly recommend the experience to anyone who has the opportunity to do the same.

Summer - I started as a summer law clerk for the Family Law team at Schnauer and Co in November of 2021 and have already gained an invaluable office experience. From my very first day I was fully immersed into the area of Family Law. With such a welcoming and supportive team it was easy to find my bearings at Schnauer and Co. The office has such an open and sociable environment where I have never been afraid to ask a question or engage in conversations with others. Within my first couple of weeks we had a fantastic Christmas party and weekly Friday afternoon quizzes.  Surrounded by amazing mentors I have already been exposed to an array of practical work such as being taken into meetings with clients and drafting legal documents. I could feel the passion for the law and for helping people in the workplace as soon as I began working here, this internship has made me extremely excited for my future in law and has already provided me with an incredible experience.

Savannah - I feel so privileged to have worked for Schnauer and Co. I started as a receptionist and was quickly met with warm welcomes, smiling faces, and an eager energy to help me develop not only professionally but personally also. I felt constantly supported by the Directors, and they were always ensuring I was aware of their open door policy and that no question was a dumb one. I then went on to step into the role of Personal Assistant in the Property team covering maternity leave and I was supported the entire way, especially considering this was my very first job in a law firm. If it weren’t for the fact that I am moving outside of Auckland I would gladly stay with Schnauer and Co.  Looking for a new workplace that has a similar work environment and staff as Schnauer and Co is a very difficult thing to come across.  My time at Schnauer and Co is only filled with happy memories and I am so confident that whoever finds themselves looking for a workplace that caters to all needs, and all types of people, that they will find this here, at Schnauer and Co Lawyers.

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